Saturday, March 8, 2014

And then there were... 5!!

We came to Charleston for Paul's one-year fellowship with no knowledge of where we would settle after the year was over and that we would be leaving Charleston with me being 8 (+) months pregnant!

Even though we were as surprised as we could be about this pregnancy, we have only been excited.  We give glory to the Creator of all things who has, in His infinite wisdom, decided to bless us with another child.

My OB is the best ever and has let me take a peek at the baby at every single appointment.  So Paul and I actually discovered the gender at 14 weeks gestation, but we wanted to keep it a secret until we received the official news at my anatomy ultrasound yesterday!  We are most grateful for the good news that this little one appears to be healthy as far as we can tell.

Here are the big brothers sharing the news about baby Tennant #3:

Here's a view of the baby's profile:

(Profile is the right half of the picture; belly is the left half of the picture).

We enjoyed celebrating over pizza last night (thanks to my parents for the gift card!):

That's right- Cici's Pizza.  We're not ashamed.  Buffets + pregnancy = always a good thing.  And feeding 4 for $12 isn't bad either.

I never knew how much fun little boys could be, and I love that they seem to be taking over our family!  We look forward to welcoming this little guy in mid-July, Lord-willing!  Let the chaos... continue!  We thank the Sustainer of life for knitting this one together.

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  1. Congratulations! That is such wonderful news!!! Love watching your sweet family grow!