Saturday, February 26, 2011

Expecting Two, but No Twins?

No twins on the way... well, biological twins, that is.  After having sought counsel, read, and prayed, prayed, prayed for over a year (since October 2009!), Paul and I have begun the process of international adoption!  Lord-willing (a phrase that I do not use lightly here), we will bring home an infant (or two) from the Democratic Republic of the Congo within months!  We are thrilled at how God might increase our family.

Here is a brief summary of our journey, and I hope to provide future posts detailing how the Lord has led us to adopt:

Since October 2009, the discussion of international adoption became an increasingly frequent topic of conversation between us.  We had no reason to believe that we could not have biological children, but witnessing the beauty of adoption firsthand at our church served as a consistent reminder of the millions of parentless children across the world.  By October 2010, we were aware of the devastating lives of many children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and we prayerfully considered adopting 2 infants from the Congo.  So the journey October 2010, we applied to Adoption Assistance in order to begin our homestudies.  Then, the Lord surprised us...

In December 2010, we discovered that I was pregnant!  What a wonderful and unexpected blessing this has been!  Baby Tennant is due in mid-August 2011.  We still remain committed to our decision to adopt, and we are thrilled at the prospect of raising multiple children close in age.  At this point we are preparing for the dossier, and we hope to be awaiting the referral of our child within months. 

Seizing the opportunity to "defend the cause of the fatherless" and "plead the case for the orphan," (Isaiah 1:17), we are filled with praise. 

Eager to send this adoption application off, here is Paul waving at our little one across the world!


And Casper had to join in on the excitement:

And we can't forget Emma Dog!  She's already learning to be gentle as she prepares to meet her newest friends.

And here is our precious baby that God is knitting together.  At just 12 weeks and 2 inches long, Baby Tennant is sucking his/her thumb.  Looks like Baby Tennant is going to be right handed just like Mommy!


  1. This is such exciting new Sarah!!! So happy for you and your family!! I hope you all are doing well, it seems that way :)

    Check out our family blog:

    Miss you!

  2. This is amazing!!! You will be blessed and absolutely LOVE being parents!!! Congratulations. :)

  3. We're so so very excited for you guys!! Amazing to think that you're parents even now -- one baby growing in your belly and one (or two) on the other side of the world. You guys are in for some wonderful blessings! We're so excited to see all that the Lord will continue to do in your family!

  4. What big news! Congratulations! We miss you two! Anna

  5. So wonderful! How amazing life can be when you trust the Lord! Miss you guys!

  6. Precious! I started tearing up!