Saturday, February 26, 2011

Why Blog? Seems Vain!

Deciding whether or not to create a blog has been like deciding which vehicle will be our next purchase (If any of our friends are reading this, you might have lost your breath at the fact that we are actually considering a NEW vehicle! Just breathe slowly...). I like Honda Pilots because of the way they look (vain), and my husband thinks that minivans will make my life easier as a mom (practical and helpful, as always!).

Similarly, in light of my inclination to be glorified and to receive attention, I have hesitated to create a blog. My sinful flesh can write about my life as long as you're willing to read about it (vanity). In addition, I don't want to tempt myself to spend even more unnecessary time on the internet! But - brace yourself for a small chuckle - reading blogs, of all things, over the past year has been one of many ways that I have been compelled to increase our family. I have been blessed as friends as well as people that I've never even met have used their blogs to show me and the rest of the world what God can do in lives that are surrendured to Him (practical, very helpful). They've used their blogs as a resource for others, and I have tremendously benefited from them.

So here are my aims with this blog:

1. To show you and the rest of the world how gracious God is. I want you to see what He's done and is doing in my family, and I hope that as you see how He can save and abundantly bless a sinner like me, you'll be drawn to Him.

2. To provide helpful resources for families who might relate to us.

3. To provide our extended family and close friends updates into our lives when it can be difficult to keep in touch.

So whether you're my mom (who might just be my only reader), a friend, an extended family member, or a stranger, may God be magnified to you as you read of His work in our lives!

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