Monday, January 2, 2012

An Unashamed Plug...

It's snowing outside.  I have enjoyed a day full of housework, orange spice tea, and quality time with our little guy, but had I left the house, I would have undoubtedly worn my new hat that my brother, Van, gave me for Christmas.  Van surprised our whole family with crocheted hats hand made by Ugandan women who are employed through Krochet Kids International.  

Basically, this company began when a group of 3 college students taught many widowed, unemployed, and impoverished Ugandan women how to crochet as a means for providing for their families.  According to the company's website, these women "had been living in government camps for over 20 years due to a rebel army that had ravaged the north part of the country.  Entire generations grew up only knowing the camp and relying solely on the government and aid organizations for their every need.  They were sick and tired of being dependent upon these operating bodies and they wanted to work and provide for their own families."  Now, the company allows over 100 Ugandan natives jobs that will enable them and their children to be fed, medically overseen, and educated. 

What makes these hats so special?  Not only is the quality of the hat outstanding- full of color and knitted with obvious skill- but inside each hat is a tag signed by the woman who crocheted it.  Amony Nancy made Paul's hat.  According to her story documented on the official website, Amony Nancy has been greatly affected by the Lord's Resistance Army, "living in constant fear of being abducted by the rebels and sleeping under bushes in hiding." And Aciro Kettie Grace made my beautiful hat.  Through her efforts at Krochet Kids, she is able to feed and medicate her three children.  I look forward to personally thanking these ladies via Krochet Kids' website. 

As I have recently shared, this same rebel army has viciously raped and killed countless people in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the country from which we are adopting, and to see a glimmer of hope and redemption shed among these Ugandan women is a beautiful thing.  I pray that they ultimately experience the miraculous hope and redemption that comes from knowing their Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.

So maybe this is a plug for this compassionate and life-changing organization that is Krochet Kids International.  Maybe it's a public "thanks" to my brotha.  Either way, I look forward to wearing my handmade hat this winter and thinking of and praying for beautiful Amony Nancy and Aciro Kettie Grace.  

Paul, Aunt Sharon, and me  in our new hats!

Van, me, Paul, and Adam with Luke.  Luke is blessed to have this daddy and these 2 uncles!

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