Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Worship is More Than a Song..."

We don't claim to be good musicians or vocalists, but we love music.  We recently used some Christmas money that we received to purchase an iPhone dock.  It sits in our kitchen, and it's the source of joyful music that constantly plays throughout our home.  Whether I'm cooking, feeding Luke in his high chair, or visiting with friends, music is usually on. 

We want our kids to love music.  I'm so thankful to see that when Luke sees me turn the music on, he usually smiles and  even starts to wiggle around in his high chair.  It's pretty hilarious.  My hope is that he will find great joy in music, and most importantly, I hope that he sings to God's glory throughout his life. 

I plan to expose him to a lot of music in the years ahead-  Raffi songs (a personal childhood favorite), all of the ridiculous songs that Paul and his sisters grew up with (the "belly button" song? , the "peas and carrots" song, and others), and most significantly, worship songs.  But this, this is what I most want Luke to understand.  And I pray that Paul and I live this out for God's glory, for our greatest joy, and for our kids' best interest.

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