Thursday, June 21, 2012

Life with Luke

We love this little guy more than we ever thought was possible.  These days Luke is crawling, pulling up, pointing at people, giving kisses, high-fiving, and eating finger foods! His favorite things seem to be our dogs and his rubber duck (I just wish the dogs' feelings were mutual!). His personality is happy and pleasant at baseline, and it takes very little to make him chuckle.  Like any 10-month old, this boy is curious and adventurous, so these first time parents are learning how to follow him with our eyes as he's venturing throughout the house! 

Below are some pictures of our "Father's Day Photo Shoot."  It took 69 tries for the right smile to come along, probably because Luke was focused more on eating grass than posing for pictures.  However, I was able to snag some cute candid pictures of this handsome boy along the way!  (Sorry it took so long to post some pictures, Gran!  These are for you!).

Don't be fooled.  He's really not a shy one.

"I can't handle it, Mom- this grass tastes so good!"

Almost there...

Finally!  We got the right picture!

Now time for hand print finger painting (which was later replaced by hand print stamping!).

The finished product!

And some fun Father's Day coasters, thanks to Pinterest!

"Did someone say HAM?"

"Thanks, Uncle Van, for the Tar Heel hat and the UNC ram!  What am I going to be?  A Clemson Tiger?  An Auburn Tiger?  A Memphis Tiger?  A UNC Tar Heel? A USC Gamecock?  None of the above!  I'm going to be a WKU HILLTOPPER!"

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