Monday, November 19, 2012

Celebrating Caleb

Having two boys so close in age has already proven to be convenient.  As we prepare for Baby #2's arrival, we have bought virtually nothing.  So when some sweet friends recently asked if they could throw a baby shower for our coming little one, I shared with them that we really do not need anything.  They knew, however, that I would appreciate a very small get-together with a few friends to pray for him and for my upcoming labor and delivery.

So on Friday night when our plans to have dinner with our dear friends, the Frantzes, were conveniently cancelled in such a way that the night was freed to have a "women's ministry meeting" at my friend Jill's home, I should have known something was up.  Paul was home in perfect time to watch Luke while I headed to the meeting with my notebook in hand.  And when Jill's four children greeted me with wide-eyed smiles at the door, I should have known something was up.  But since they're such sweet, happy kids, I entered their house without suspicion, only to soon discover a group of my friends yelling "Surprise!" with balloons, flowers, some of my favorite snacks, and a cake in hand.  It was valued time of fellowship and prayer over our coming little guy.  

Here are some pictures of the memorable night:

Mariah did a great job on this!  She has mastered the art of making pretty cakes that taste excellent (something that I've yet to accomplish!).

Sweet friends. 
If Luke would have known that this little one was going to be there, he wouldn't have minded being the only boy there!

Love my friend Meg!

How encouraging it was to have friends lovingly pray over Caleb and our family as we transition in the months to come.

I have enjoyed getting to know these girls!  

Sweet Susan to the left and the organizer of the evening, Jill, to the right.  Grateful for these godly friends!

It was such a treat to get to see Lindsay as she was in town from Michigan.  I miss this girl!

Our babies are going to be BFF!

This evening reminded me to praise God for graciously giving us such dear friends! I have been incredibly blessed by each one of these girls!  

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