Tuesday, July 30, 2013

C-Man Turns 8 Months!

Our Caleb, also known in our home as C-Man, Butterball, Pooh Bear, and Caleb Bug, turned 8 months old yesterday!  The cliche question, "Where did the time go?" can certainly be asked about this little guy.  I am trying to cherish each moment of this baby phase of life that he is in, because he is growing and changing quickly! God has given Caleb a joyful and easygoing little spirit, and he loves to laugh at his "big" brother (even though their weight difference is only a few pounds!).  These pictures should adequately describe what I think are Caleb's most evident personality traits: amiable and accommodating. 



The pacifier snatch is a frequent occurrence in our home...

Notice that Luke is wearing a different outfit.  This was a separate occasion than the one in the previous picture.

And yet there is no doubt about who Caleb's favorite person is:

 Every day, out of the pure overflow of my heart, I tell Caleb that he is a blessing from the Lord.  Words do no justice to the amount of gratitude to God we have for giving us such a sweet, joyful, pleasant little one.  We praise God for you, Caleb, and we pray you follow the footsteps of your biblical namesake and grow to "follow God fully."  

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