Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Great Way to Start Your Day...

Over the past few weeks different friends have e-mailed me various links to sermons and YouTube songs, and this morning I caught myself re-watching quite a few of my favorites.  Before I knew it, I found myself bobbing my head to each of these songs.  They turned out to be a wonderful way to start my day, and I hope that they will do the same to you.

"I Make War"

A while back, my friend Jill was very timely in sending this song to me, and I've caught myself listening to this on a frequent basis.  I hope it's an encouragement to you as well.

"Take Me As I Am"

Lecrae is great, and I love that he currently lives in my hometown of Memphis.

"Don't Waste Your Life"

Here's another one by Lecrae, and though I'm pretty sure that this one's been out for a while, I think that it's worth a watch.   

"Black Church White Church"

Last but not least, this song is great, and I'm so thankful to be a member of a church that seeks to exemplify the last verse of this song.

I hope that you found these to be worth your time!

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