Saturday, July 23, 2011

Grateful and Undeserving!

Paul and I are incredibly blessed to have such loving, enjoyable, and uplifting family and friends.  Last weekend some sweet family and friends from the good ole Western Kentucky University years and from seminary got together to celebrate God's work in our growing family!  It was a very encouraging shower that consisted of good food, games (of course, Mrs. S!), prayer, and a time of sharing words of wisdom about either meaningful traditions that the girls had growing up or pieces of advice that they had to offer. 

 Here is some of the advice that was shared:

- "Iron, change diapers, and wash clothes to the glory of God."

-"You only have children in your home for 18 years, but you are married for your entire life.  Prioritize your husband."

- "Read books with your children on a regular basis."

-"Verbally encourage your children.  Tell your son how handsome he is, and tell your daughter how beautiful she is.  Your words mean so much to them."

-"Don't take yourself too seriously.  Keep a good sense of humor, especially during the first few months."

-"Don't spend your time wishing for the next step of the baby's life.  Each season goes by before your eyes, so cherish the present."

"Consistently dwell on the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control).  When you start to lose your temper, just stop and think on these things."

And here are some pictures of the occasion:

My awesome sisters-in-law and my wonderful mother-in-law, Mary, came to Louisville for this!  It was such a treat to spend the weekend with them.  I really love these girls!

One of my best friends from college, Megan, came to celebrate!  She is a great example of a godly wife/mom, and she is apparently a crafty seamstress, as she supplied some awfully cute handmade burp cloths (they're much cuter than the blue hospital towels that we were planning on using, Megster!)

From being my friends' mom to now a mentor/friend, Mrs. Schreiner was kind to host this shower at her home.  Paul and I are deeply indebted to this couple for their godly influence in our lives/marriage! 

We have grown up in Germantown, TN together; our families are great friends; and by God's kind providence we ended up in Louisville together!  Kolby was so sweet to come share in our joy!

And I have to show off these adorable sock monkeys that my talented sister-in-law, Kathleen, made!  Not only did she make the actual stuffed animals, but she also supplied a wardrobe of outfits for these guys.   Our little ones are going to love this little lion and monkey. 

Some dear, dear friends from college.  I've been blessed to live with each of these girls, and I'll always be thankful for the memories I made with them!  And for any WKU folks who may be seeing these pics, no, that's not Mary Ellen's child (ha!).  It's Kathleen's little girl, Norah.  So precious! 

Thanks for an unforgettable day!  I love you all!

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