Thursday, July 28, 2011


Surprise birthday parties have always been a personal favorite.  But a surprise baby shower?  That was a new experience! 

Last Wednesday I was told by the dentist office where I work that we would be closing for the afternoon due to an "oral surgeon wanting to take our office to lunch."  And since my husband had asked me to come visit him for a couple of nights while he was on a work trip in Indianapolis, I thought I might skip out on the "oral surgeon's lunch" and drive up to Indy to see Paul for a few nights.  So when I asked the dentists (who are notoriously flexible and gracious in allowing me any day off that I ask for) for their permission to let me leave, they strangely acted hesitant.  Little did I know that when I walked away they hurriedly sent my husband a text message, begging him to keep me in Louisville, as they had actually planned a surpise baby shower at a very nice local Italian restaurant, Martini's.  What clever tricksters they are! :)

The team effort was certainly successful, and I was so surprised!  We ate excellent food together, enjoyed some tasty cake (thanks, Kelly!), appreciated time to visit outside of our work environment, and opened presents.  Our children were genuinely celebrated. 

At the end of the shower, the dentists stood up to recite a 12-stanza poem that they wrote together.  It was a tear jerker for the entire table, and the last few stanzas are worth sharing, revealing the sincere compassion that the dentists share for our little ones:

"Sarah and her husband so deeply felt
That God had His hand on the cards they were dealt.
So they went on their way to conceive one of their own
But also realized numerous babies need homes.

Adoption papers were being filled out
And is often the case, mother nature wins out.
You find that you're pregnant and what do you do?
You lovingly prepare for Baby #2.

Luke will know and love how he was created,
And our new rescued baby will be glad that he waited.
The children will hear, both day in and night
How special they're loved, with all of their might."

We pray so, Dr. R and Dr. T!  Thank you so much for loving our family!

Here are the few pictures that were taken from the shower before my camera ran out of batteries:

Yuummm!  Would you believe that I brought home about 2/3 of this cake, and by the time Paul came home from his trip, there were only 2 pieces left?

We've worked side by side for over 3 years.  I'll really miss my friend, Kathy!

Gotta love Shawn and Shari! 

Here's Shari, Kelly, and me.  I will miss Shari's sweet spirit and Kelly's positive attitude/helpful mommy advice!

Pam has supplied our dogs with used tennis balls since I've worked with her.  The dogs and I will both miss Pam very much!  And Betty is one of the hardest workers I know.  Such a great influence!

A precious snuggle blanket for the little ones . . .

And one of many cute outfits that our little ones received.  Thanks to these co-workers, our kids will not only look cute, but they'll be dressing pretty fashionably, too!

Thanks, Kathy and Kelly!  Kathy knew all of my favorite items on our registry- like this newborn sleeper! 

Thank you for a wonderful 3 years during which going to work was never dreadful.  I love all of you!

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  1. This is great!!! And the poem was precious and made me a little teary. Love that you and your babies are so loved. :)