Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love These Kids!

If there could possibly be anything sad about expecting a baby, it would be this (see below).  Today was presumably my last day to teach these precious little ones in Sunday School - at least for a good while.  When I committed to teach these little ones a couple of years ago, the sense of intimidation and inadequacy due to lack of experience in teaching children consumed me.  But these guys have made Sunday School entirely enjoyable!  They come to church every week enthusiastic about learning the Bible, and they joyfully participate in whatever game we play, picture we color, or craft we make.  What a blessing it has been to learn the Bible with these kids!

Here they are with pictures that they made for Baby Tennant whom we hope to bring home from Africa soon!

"A sun and a tooth, Mrs. Sarah!"   Ha!  Very creative!

So sweet and always eager to learn about God!

Love, love, love them..

Precious brother and sister who have so much joy!

Possibly our last picture to take together before we meet little Luke?

I hope to have little ones who are as curious, teachable, and enjoyable as these children are!

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