Monday, August 19, 2013

Luke's 2nd Birthday

Water entertains Luke more than anything else in the world.  Fortunately for him, there is basically a bridge per resident in this city, and every single time we drive over a bridge, Luke begins to ask, "Waar? Waar?" (as in, "Please, let's go play in the water?").  When we finish our drive over the bridge, he begins to cry.  Every single time.  Sometimes Paul will slowly drive over the bridge just to get a good laugh out of this predictable occurrence.  When we take him to the ocean, he's 100% fearless,  and he usually cries when we drive down our street after beach play dates and asks, "Oceeen? Oceeen?"  

So it only seemed fitting to celebrate Luke's birthday at the beach!  Our good friends, the Kaylors, treated us with a visit to see us, and we all went to the beach in the morning.  That evening we ate dinner on the water and walked around the waterfront of downtown Charleston as we ate Luke's beach birthday cake.  

My friend, Julie Kaylor, is a talented photographer and just sent me these pictures from the celebration!

This little boy is a blessing from the Lord!

Yummy beach cake!

This right here melts a mommy's heart!

Here's Luke with his buddy, Scott!  Luke can't wait to meet the newest Kaylor addition this winter!

The Kaylors faced the challenge of trying to take a Tennant family picture around bedtime!

Happy Birthday, precious little boy.  We love you more than you'll ever know!

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