Monday, October 21, 2013


The past few months have been eventful to say the least, and much of that is due to the visits we have had with dear family and friends:

We were able to spend Labor Day weekend in Asheville with three families who are very dear to us: the Eldridges, Brelands, and Damicos.  Here is Luke with his BFF, though they acted more like siblings on this visit!

We loved having Mimi and Aunt "Wiz" come visit us!  Luke still asks for Mimi to bring him some more peaches.

And on a separate occasion, we got another visit from Aunt "Wiz" and Aunt "Kackween!"  If these boys don't have fun aunts, I don't know who does!  The boys' faces prove it!

Speaking of fun aunts, Sha Sha paid us a timely visit when Daddy was out of town.  What a blessing it was to have her with us for a few days!

And this past weekend Mama T came!  We took a risk bringing a 2-year-old with us on a carriage ride through Charleston, but it was worth it.

We thought Luke would love riding behind the horse, but we didn't realize until we stepped up into the carriage that he had never experienced heights!!  Lesson learned!

Key to surviving a carriage ride in Charleston with two kids two and under: lots of food and lots of snuggles with Mama T!

We are so grateful for visits from such sweet family and friends!

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