Monday, October 21, 2013

A Few Firsts

The boys have experienced many "firsts" since we've been here, and I've been able to capture a few of them on camera.

First- and perhaps only- time to see once injured sea turtles released back into the ocean!

This was Luke's first time to blow out a birthday candle!  Our community group celebrated his 2nd birthday by singing to him over cupcakes!

First time to carve a pumpkin!  Luke was very intrigued until he remembered how many sticks there were for him to play with in our front yard!

As expected.

Once a 2-year-old loses interest, it's pretty impressive how quickly a facial surgeon can effortlessly carve a pumpkin.  He did an exceptional job.

Finished product!

First time to ride in the grocery cart together.

Don't be fooled: Luke is not showing any sort of affection here.

At least they could entertain the other shoppers and employees.

First time to take a bath together!  And what's sweeter, it was the first time for Caleb to take a bath without crying!

In addition to these firsts, Caleb recently crawled for the first time with the motivation of reaching Aunt Kathleen's banana bread! We were thankful that she was able to witness that.  We're hoping to hear some first words from that little guy soon!

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