Monday, October 21, 2013

Charleston = Fun (Beaches)

Out of all that Charleston has to offer, nothing is more fun for our boys than the beach.  I'm so thankful for talented friends who gladly capture their happiness by photographing them!

It's okay to laugh.  We laugh, too.  He's pleasantly plump.  And we're proud of it!

Luke snatched a friend's beach hat and ran out into the tidal pool.  Thankfully, she was amused!

Here are two of Luke's favorite people ever.  This sweet family has become so dear to us!

Very accurate picture of a day at the beach:  Luke soaking up every moment he has in the water; Caleb being entertained by Luke; and me watching Caleb and laughing with slight anxiety at Luke's water obsession. 

I can't say enough about this little boy.  I love him.

*Special thanks to Sarah Cline for providing most of these pictures!*

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